upcoming conferences

What to expect?

Throughout the two days of the event, we guarantee a relaxed, yet professional environment aimed at promoting the active generation and exchange of ideas. The specific issues of each industry will be addressed and scrutinized from every angle. Our events are limited to a maximum of fifty attendees for the purpose of encouraging discussion, interaction, and networking. All our events include not just presentations from the speakers, but also panel discussions, time for questions, and networking. After each event all attendees take away new contacts, inspiration and practical insights that can be easily shared with colleagues and implemented into their work, and by doing so ultimately boost the development of the sector as a whole.

Who should attend?

Our events are tailored for professionals and decision makers in various industries, interested in developing their business. Individuals interested in sharing and developing insights in innovation, sustainability, and their respective industry best practices, as well as those who want to broaden their professional network are welcomed attendees at our events. Curious about what we have planned next? Please take a look at our upcoming events listed below.

Past Conferences