• June
  • 18
  • 2018

4th Annual Innovative Agricultural and Industrial Tire Development Forum

Start: 18/June/2018 @ 08:30
End: 19/June/2018 @ 16:30

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Amsterdam, Netherlands



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The agricultural and industrial tire market continues to encounter and deal with uncertainties, as OTR tires continue to face specific challenges, very different from the ones of passenger or TBR tires. The natural rubber quantity situation is still unclear, as of whether and when it will turn to scarcity from surplus, and what to do after. Tire rubber developers work hard on developing different solutions to fight the challenge, including producing rubber out of Dandelion and Guayule, as well as other alternatives.

The unexpected competition is another issue the market is facing, as new players are entering the market and affect with reduction of the price of tires. Year 2017 was critical for the market as tire prices went almost record low, and now tire manufacturers are hoping that the scenario will not repeat this year.

When it comes to the technical side, some of the challenges still remain unsolved, or partially solved. Chip and cut of the tire, thermal damage, tire failure, etc. are still major issues, hence tire manufacturers are working hard on improving the tire treads and the overall tire reinforcement. On the other side, the bigger the vehicles and tires, the bigger the soil damage. Soil compaction as a result of interaction with tire is another challenge that researches are trying to deal with.

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