• March
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  • 2019

5th Annual Decommissioning & Demolition Forum for High Hazard Process Plants: Fossil-Fuel Power Plants, Chemical/Petrochemicals and Refineries

Start:07/March/2019 @ 08:30
End:08/March/2019 @ 16:30

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Barcelona, Spain


Novotel City Barcelona, a 4-star hotel in the center of Barcelona is located opposite the Torre Glòries on one of the main streets (Avenida de la Diagonal) in the heart of Barcelona. The hotel offers easy access to the Sants train station and is located 1.2 miles from the beach and 2.5 miles from the iconic Gothic Quarter. Precise address of the venue is: Avenida Diagonal 201, 08018, Barcelona, Spain.

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European energy companies have been actively phasing out their fossil-fuelled assets in last several years. Thermal generation in general is in decline due to both market drivers (increasingly cheap and fast-growing renewables pushing fossil fuels off the grid (e.g. solar and wind power) and environmental regulations. According to a new European Environment Agency (EEA) report, decommissioning fossil fuel power plants between now and 2030 is essential if Europe wants to hit its 2050 targets set by the Paris Agreement.

The most recent EU regulation on emissions control, LCP BREF, was adopted on April 2017. Requirement in the revised standards will apply to all of the EU’s almost 3,000 Large Combustion Plants, irrespective of what type of fuels they burn. EU-wide compliance with the new rules could cost as much as 15,4 bn Euros, and 82% of coal capacity expected to be online in 2021 is currently failing to meet the minimum standards. With coal already in dramatic decline, the uncertainty created by stricter limits on pollution leaves the closure and the subsequent decommissioning as the only logical end of coal plants.

Very much like fossil fuel power plants, chemical/petrochemical and refinery industries in Europe have been experiencing a large share of plant shutdowns in last decade due to the regulatory changes and stagnating markets, providing a unique opportunity for cross-industry exchange of best practices and lessons learned.

This TBM Evolution event will enable participants to achieve insights in the planning, preparation and execution of decommissioning and demolition projects for process plants. Participants will learn about the best practices from the leading operators and contractors that have experience in heavy industrial demolition and get the full picture about state-of-the-art techniques for DDD projects in high hazardous industries.

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(End Users) Conference + Online Documentation 2499 EUR, (Solution Providers) Conference + Online Documentation 2999 EUR, Online Documentation Only 899 EUR

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