• June
  • 04
  • 2020

5th Annual Global Client Onboarding & Data Management

Start:04/June/2020 @ 8:30
End:05/June/2020 @ 16:30

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London, UK



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Due to the ever-evolving regulatory landscape, financial institutions need to develop their onboarding process accordingly.

Specifically, this conference aims to stimulate a debate on how to combine the use of fast-developing technologies and data offerings, alongside human advice.

High-level banking professionals from all over Europe will gather and exchange their views on the following crucial topics:


  • Aiming for a holistic approach to onboarding process
  • How to implement an effective industry cooperation for client onboarding
  • Successfully reducing the threat of AML
  • Implementing AI as an integral part of your onboarding activities
  • E2E Customer Lifecycle Management framework
  • Effective data management
  • Leveraging Due Diligence and KYC tools
  • How can you leverage your onboarding process across all channels?
  • Ensuring compliance to regulatory requirements
  • The potential of developing technologies
  • Looking at Customer Experience Management as a key added value
  • Ensuring full compliance to developing sanctions regulation
  • How do you foster efficient collaboration among different Departments?

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(Corporate Counsel) Conference + Online Documentation 1499 Euro, (End Users) Conference + Online Documentation – 2499 Euro, (End Users) Conference + Online Documentation – 2799 USD, (End Users) Conference + Online Documentation 1499 Euro, (End Users) Conference + Online Documentation 1999 EUR, (End Users) Conference + Online Documentation 2499, (End Users) Conferene + Online Documentation 2999 USD, (Law Practice) Conference + Online Documentation 2499, (Law Practice) Conference + Online Documentation 2499 Euro, (Solution Providers) Conference + Online Documentation – 2999 Euro, (Solution Providers) Conference + Online Documentation – 3299 USD, (Solution Providers) Conference + Online Documentation 3499, (Solution Providers) Conference + Online Documentation 3499 Euro, (Solution Providers) Conference + Online documentation 3499 USD, Corporate Counsel – EUR1499, Documentation package – 999 USD, Documentation package – 999 USD, Law Practice – EUR2499, Online Documentation Only – 899 Euro, Online Documentation Only 1045 USD, Online Documentation Only 499, Solution Providers – EUR2999, (End Users) Conference + Online Documentation, (Solution Providers) Conference + Online Documentation, Online Documentation Only


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