• December
  • 13
  • 2018

Automation & Robotics for Non-Road Applications

Start: 13/December/2018 @ 8:30
End: 14/December/2018 @ 16:30

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Helsinki, Finland


The venue for the conference is the Hilton Helsinki Strand, a 4-star hotel in the center of Helsinki. Hotel located on the waterfront and just a few minutes’ walk from the Hakaniemi Market . Tram and bus services stop about 50 meters outside the Hilton Hotel. The gorgeous Botanical Garden and City Park is a few steps away, right across the bridge. The hotel is located at John Stenbergin Ranta 4, Helsinki 00530, Finland and online at

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Automation and autonomous solutions are no longer an experiment or in a movie script about robots. Robotics has touched almost every single major industry in the world and the technology only continues to grow. While many people are still waiting for the fully autonomous, self-driving car, the reality is that autonomous construction equipment is gaining much more traction. Over the next 2 decades, the autonomous vehicle market is expected to reach a growth of over 600 billion (EUR). The main driver behind autonomy in mining and construction is the decrease of human errors, accidents and fatalities, as well as the increase of productivity.

Autonomy in the non-road industry is a growing sector, has the keen interest of everyone and making more progress with major companies revealing prototypes over the last couple years. With challenges already creating bottlenecks on growth, there have been a multitude of conference created looking at autonomous vehicles for both on-road, off-road, and military vehicles. TBM recognizes that this is the time to introduce a discussion platform that gives the true focus on off-road machinery that our partners have come to expect from us. The forum will bring an opportunity to bring together OEMs of both standard equipment, autonomous equipment, and electronic providers that are working to solve the challenges in the technology to get these machines on the ground and actively working.

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