• May
  • 28
  • 2020

Distributed Energy Resources in Today’s Grid Transition

Start:28/May/2020 @ 8:30
End:29/May/2020 @ 16:30

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Berlin, Germany



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Traditionally, energy is supplied by big power plants in a centralized model; however, with the arrival of distributed energy resources, energy is no longer transmitted across long distances to consumers as they provide power close to the demand side. Besides, small-scale, on-site power solutions lower emissions and boost business efficiency, grid resiliency and security, by reducing dependence on the grid. Knowing the benefit of DERs to the customers as well as the business owners, they are more adopted by energy companies. However, challenges come along including regulations that are still barriers for the DERs deployment, how to adopt the right methods and software to improve the accuracy as well as reliability of demand predictions, and how to reduce the cost of operating a system with a high penetration of DERs. These problems should be addressed to find a common solution for all the involved market participants.

This TBM Evolution event will enable participants to debate in the most concerning challenges in the industry including regulations, new technologies and market design regarding Distributed Energy Resources by gathering professionals from a diversified mix of market participants including DERs owners, DSOs, TSOs, Power producer, Power exchange companies and DERs users to observe different market insights.

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