• June
  • 04
  • 2020

Excellence in Corporate IT Audit

Start:04/June/2020 @ 8:30
End:05/June/2020 @ 16:30

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London, UK



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As every organization becomes increasingly reliant on IT, the scope of damage in the event of a security breach or system failure becomes ever-more severe. Every size and type of organization is under threat, and it is crucial that organizations continually evaluate and evolve their security defenses.

IT audit is an essential component in safe-guarding an organizations information systems by identifying weaknesses before they become a threat. Not only does IT audit identify vulnerabilities, it also ensures that IT systems are keeping pace with the commercial needs of the business.

However, many organizations overlook the vital role of the IT audit, and the need for more expertise and knowledge in this area is continually growing. Hence, our Excellence in Corporate IT Audit conference brings together leading experts in IT audit from across all industries to share experience and expertise in this vital area.

Topics covered include:

  • Lessons learnt from the cyber internal audit of the Galileo Program
  • Addressing the need for improved skills and competencies of IT auditors
  • Strengthening partnership between IT internal audit and IT teams
  • Implementing a successful data driven audit
  • Evaluating IT audit standards and frameworks
  • Auditing RPA solutions
  • Minimizing cyber threats through employee education
  • Auditing security of your security tools
  • Successfully auditing DevOps processes
  • Performance measurement and evaluation
  • Examining the value of internal vs external IT audit

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