• February
  • 21
  • 2019

Excellence in Corporate Learning

Start:21/February/2019 @ 8:30
End:22/February/2019 @ 16:30

event starts in


Amsterdam, Netherlands


The venue for the conference is Dutch Design Hotel Artemis, a 4-stars hotel located in the center of Amsterdam. Tram stop Louwesweg is 900 m from the hotel, providing direct connections to the main attractions of the city. Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is 10 minutes away by car. The hotel is located at John M. Keynesplein 2, NL-1066 EP, Amsterdam

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Corporate learning is the ability of a company to acquire, apply and share knowledge in order to develop new solutions and to exploit them to improve efficiency and competitive advantage.

Even if some organizations use the word “learning” to refer to their training department, corporate learning encompasses a much wider notion involving a company-wide learning culture which aims at the constant learning and development of both the company and its employees.

According to Peter Drucker, mankind’s true competitive advantage over all other species is our outstanding capacity to adapt, learn and apply what we learn. Moreover, recent studies, like one led by Accenture, have shown that organizations which concentrate more on developing corporate learning best-practice have better revenue and profit growth in comparison to their competitors that are less focused on learning.

However, many companies have a rather fragmented learning framework: in fact, even though every company recognizes the importance of learning, they often find some difficulties in implementing effective learning solutions.

Topics covered include:

  • Impact of disruptive technologies on L&D requirements and programmes
  • Learner engagement and motivation to learn
  • Effective solutions for corporate learning
  • Gamification and cloud-based digital tools
  • Integrating L&D with the job
  • Coaching and mentoring strategies
  • Talent management and career development
  • Managing L&D costs and securing management buy-in
  • Corporate universities and academies
  • Digitalization in the learning department
  • Measuring results and generating ROI
  • Developing and using tools for corporate learning
  • Strengthening leadership capability
  • Strategies and challenges for training the trainer
  • Cross-border learning

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