• September
  • 26
  • 2019

Excellence in Enterprise Architecture

Start:26/September/2019 @ 8:30
End:27/September/2019 @ 16:30

event starts in


Amsterdam, Netherlands


The venue is NH AMSTERDAM SCHIPHOL AIRPORT a superior 4-star hotel in a 5-minute ride away from the airport. Shuttle service from and to the airport is offered, free of charge (for more information please contact hotel directly). Downtown Amsterdam is 20 minutes away. The hotel is located Kruisweg 495, Hoofddorp, 2132NA, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

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Enterprise architecture frameworks across industry sectors are constantly evolving due to the rapid development of business-IT alignment. The main causes of this transformation are new developing technologies, new markets, developing regulatory demands and increased cyber threats. This strategic event will serve as a business networking platform where individuals can ensure that their IT infrastructure is aligned with its business activities and gains a competitive advantage on the market.

Other strategic focuses of this conference include overcoming struggles in justifying Enterprise Architecture investments, as well as establishing a collaborative and cross-border approach to EA.

With the input of industry professionals and experienced speakers, our forum will give you the opportunity to focus on the following critically important topics:

  • Moving towards automated Enterprise Architecture supported by Artificial Intelligence
  • Incorporating Big Data into business strategies to minimize costs and maximize results
  • What is the impact of Industry 4.0 on Enterprise Architecture?
  • Converging Enterprise Architecture strategies with cloud processes
  • Shifting Enterprise Architecture into digital transformation processes
  • Establishing experimentation and testing of EA operations through flexible governance models
  • Cultivating a design-driven architecture
  • Building an effective EA roadmap
  • Comprehending data architecture whilst mitigating data management risks
  • Focusing on strategic business planning and technology innovations

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(Corporate Counsel) Conference + Online Documentation 1499 Euro, (End Users) Conference + Online Documentation – 2499 Euro, (End Users) Conference + Online Documentation – 2799 USD, (End Users) Conference + Online Documentation 1499 Euro, (End Users) Conference + Online Documentation 1999 EUR, (End Users) Conference + Online Documentation 2499, (End Users) Conferene + Online Documentation 2999 USD, (Law Practice) Conference + Online Documentation 2499, (Law Practice) Conference + Online Documentation 2499 Euro, (Solution Providers) Conference + Online Documentation – 2999 Euro, (Solution Providers) Conference + Online Documentation – 3299 USD, (Solution Providers) Conference + Online Documentation 3499, (Solution Providers) Conference + Online Documentation 3499 Euro, (Solution Providers) Conference + Online documentation 3499 USD, Corporate Counsel – EUR1499, Documentation package – 999 USD, Documentation package – 999 USD, Law Practice – EUR2499, Online Documentation Only – 899 Euro, Online Documentation Only 1045 USD, Online Documentation Only 499, Solution Providers – EUR2999, (End Users) Conference + Online Documentation, (Solution Providers) Conference + Online Documentation, Online Documentation Only

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