• March
  • 12
  • 2020

Excellence in Master Data Management

Start:12/March/2020 @ 8:30
End:13/March/2020 @ 16:30

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Berlin, Germany


The venue for event is Sofitel Berlin Kurfurstendamm, a 5-star luxury hotel. The hotel is located in the heart of the City West area, close to the legendary Kurfürstendamm shopping area. The popular C/O gallery is just a stone's throw away. The precise address of the venue is: Augsburger Strasse 41 , 10789, Berlin, Germany.

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Master data management (MDM) helps organizations to manage this single version of truth and enables many business goals and objectives. However, as simple as it may sound, implementing and executing MDM comes with a unique set of typical challenges, such as the need for skilled data personnel for master data maintenance activities, reduced work time in various business operations, expensive training on individual enterprise applications, retention of trained analysts, and maintaining a steady state quality and data duplication across applications in the absence of a centralized integrated system, to name a few.

Companies across all industries experience constant competition and client pressure for improvement while reducing costs and following strict regulation, where effective and efficient data management can serve every area of the business. This conference tackles every aspect of MDM and Data Quality in all crucial areas of the business and is a MUST ATTEND for any data professional in this sector!

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(Corporate Counsel) Conference + Online Documentation 1499 Euro, (End Users) Conference + Online Documentation – 2499 Euro, (End Users) Conference + Online Documentation – 2799 USD, (End Users) Conference + Online Documentation 1499 Euro, (End Users) Conference + Online Documentation 1999 EUR, (End Users) Conference + Online Documentation 2499, (End Users) Conferene + Online Documentation 2999 USD, (Law Practice) Conference + Online Documentation 2499, (Law Practice) Conference + Online Documentation 2499 Euro, (Solution Providers) Conference + Online Documentation – 2999 Euro, (Solution Providers) Conference + Online Documentation – 3299 USD, (Solution Providers) Conference + Online Documentation 3499, (Solution Providers) Conference + Online Documentation 3499 Euro, (Solution Providers) Conference + Online documentation 3499 USD, Corporate Counsel – EUR1499, Documentation package – 999 USD, Documentation package – 999 USD, Law Practice – EUR2499, Online Documentation Only – 899 Euro, Online Documentation Only 1045 USD, Online Documentation Only 499, Solution Providers – EUR2999, (End Users) Conference + Online Documentation, (Solution Providers) Conference + Online Documentation, Online Documentation Only


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