26 September 2019

Innovative Catalysis Development Forum

Frankfurt, Germany
Start: 26/September/2019 @ 8:30
End: 27/September/2019 @ 16:30

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Frankfurt, Germany


The venue is H4 Hotel Frankfurt Messe a 4 stars hotel located in the west of Frankfurt, near the intersection of the A5 and A648 motorways. It takes around ten minutes to get to the airport, fifteen minutes to the main train station. Frankfurt’s Old Town in 20 minutes by public transport. The hotel is located at: Oeserstraße 180, 65933 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

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Key speakers


Catalysts and catalytic processes are used for a variety of purposes in the industrial sector, for example for production of the most important chemicals, for emission control, and other purposes. Catalyst are used in many different areas, however the most important are the chemical, petrochemical, plastic, oil and gas, energy, as well as the automotive sector.

The urbanization growth, the increase of production plants and increase of vehicles on the roads are furthermore challenging the already critical situation with the environment, its pollution and the overall effect on the global climate. Catalyst technologies are constantly advancing, and regulations in Europe, US and Asia are getting stricter and stricter each year.

As a result of this, the market is continuously growing and is projected to reach 15 billion Euros by 2021. Catalyst manufacturers together with the refinery, petrochemical and chemical industries are investing heavily into the development of more efficient systems, and research institutes are constantly publishing new findings and are strongly cooperating with the industries.

This interactive Innovative Catalysis Development Forum will bring together representatives from the entire value chain of companies involved with catalysis development and use, to discuss Global market trends, Green energy, Emission regulations, Material recycling, and other topics.

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