• June
  • 14
  • 2018

UX Strategy & HMI Development Forum for Non-Road Mobile Machinery

Start:14/June/2018 @ 08:30
End:15/June/2018 @ 16:30

event starts in


Frankfurt, Germany


The event will be taking place from June 14-15 at the H+ Hotel Frankfurt West, a 4-star hotel in Frankfurt. The hotel can be easily reached using the airport shuttle, by car or by taking a taxi. Frankfurt Airport and Frankfurt city center are just 20 minutes away. The hotel is located at Casteller Straße 106, 65719 Hofheim am Taunus, Germany and online at

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As TBM is expanding our Machinery series, we stay tuned in with the prominent areas of challenge and opportunity for our partners in the non-road sector. HMI & Ergonomics Design are growing concerns amongst these companies as more electrical components are being added to heavy machinery. Electrification is not just happening with the engines, it’s happening in the operator workspace as well. Regulations around the sale of non-road machinery in every major government, has a section on health & safety of the operator and the ergonomics of the machine. Engineers and Product Managers alike, know that the effectiveness of the HMI system and the ergonomics of the cabin, can impact the overall potential success of a product.

TBM is once again remaining ahead of the pack by truly implementing the requests of our partners within the non-road sector. Ours is a platform that is offering not just the opportunity to discuss the main industry challenges, but asking the attendees to truly look at design methodology and include the opinion of those that are either left out or brought in entirely too late in the process: the operators. 

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(End Users) Conference + Online Documentation 2499 EUR, (Solution Providers) Conference + Online Documentation 2999 EUR, Online Documentation Only 899 EUR

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