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TBM Group – The partner you need to help you grow your business by exposing you to the right market intel and connections through high level in person and online events. Why Predict the future when you can create it?

We are a multi-faceted company whose culture revolves around the idea of helping businesses reach their potential. We bring our trusted network of clients – innovation, connections and the latest business intel in the industry, through exclusive and best in class, in person and online events.

It is well known that you cannot manage, what you do not measure – so we are here to equip you with the right business tools to measure, compare, evaluate, and proceed in the right direction. Our committed team of experienced business professionals, with solid backgrounds in multidisciplinary fields, are here to create an exclusive environment at each of our tailor-made events. We create each of our events to provide you with an environment aimed at benchmarking, networking, and generating insights amongst peers of various industries


TBM Group strives to create meaningful and salient events, which address the most pressing issues of various industries. Each event is based on data carefully drawn from in-depth market analysis, detailed interviews with top industry professionals, as well as various business intelligence tools. Our thorough approach allows us to create high profile business-to-business meetings, which address the most current and pressing needs of business leaders. Bringing innovative insights and best practices of each industry, our goal is to equip the attendees of our events with practical information, valuable insights, and useful contacts.

Only in the past year, we have organized over 40 business events in six different countries. We currently specialize in business events in energy, automotive, IT, chemical, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, tax, banking and sports hospitality sectors. In addition, we are open to create a custom event for individual businesses through our webinar division, with the end goal being – giving our clients the business information and market access they need.

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