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2nd Annual Automation & Robotics for Non-Road Applications

When it will happen
12-13 DECEMBER 2019
Where it will happen
Gothenburg, Sweden
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About the Conference

Autonomous machines are coming fast, with the main priorities for the industry being taking human operators out of hazardous sites and driving innovative technology to increase productivity. While automation solutions for on-road transportation already made it to the first pages of mainstream media, there is a huge interest in applying them to non-road mobile machinery, in particular in sectors such as agriculture, construction, mining and maritime.

Already in 2018, TBM recognised the potential of introducing a discussion platform that gives the true focus on off-road machinery. The forum successfully brought an opportunity to bring together Original Equipment Manufacturers of standard equipment, autonomous equipment, and electronic providers that are working to solve the challenges in the technology to get these machines on the ground and actively working. On the basis of this success, a second edition felt like a natural step to deepen the discussion and foster the development of new technologies and the collaboration between the various stakeholders.

This event will feature:

  • A closer look at real-time applications in different sectors
  • Digital technology for the devolpment and testing of products
  • How to increase safety easily; safe software and new sensor technology
  • Interaction between machines and humans
  • From concept to jobsite: faster and cheaper
  • Brainstorm and exchange feedback with industry leaders on transitioning engineers, societal acceptance and guiding legislation

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