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2nd Annual Global Forum
Contract Risk Management

When it will happen
02-03 SEPTEMBER 2021
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Online Interactive Conference
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About the Conference

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread, having far-reaching effects on lives, businesses, and economies worldwide. Local and national governments are escalating measures aimed at stemming the reach of the virus and mitigating its disruptive impacts. Similarly, many companies are looking to protect their people and enhance their resilience while seeking potential responses to ongoing financial losses in their insurance policies.

The devastation caused by Covid-19 on commercial contracts across the world in every industry sector. Everybody is dealing with the same problems: How do we manage this devastation? How do we assess the risks, liabilities and losses? How do we manage the ongoing situation and which might reoccur in waves going forward? How do we devise and manage future contracts? How electronic contracts have become a game changer?

In this conference, we are going to cover all these questions with many case studies and first-hand answers, as well as best practices.

We will be focusing on a broad range of topics such as:


  • Contract Management as integrated value driver
  • Utilizing AI to effectively assess contract risk and liabilities
  • Understanding the security risks of electronic contracts
  • Identifying your Covid-related contract risk exposures with AI
  • The importance of human leadership with integrity in a highly regulated and tech-reliant corporate environment
  • Renegotiating, devising and setting clauses for Covid 19-related disruption
  • Successfully dealing with new and developing risks post Covid 19
  • Making integrated risk management a reality
  • Effectively preventing and preparing COVID-19 litigation
  • Managing the legal risks of cyber security and data governance

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