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2nd Annual Global Innovative Catalysis Development Forum

When it will happen
04-05 JUNE 2020
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Online Interactive Conference
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About the Conference

As a result of the unfolding worldwide Coronavirus pandemic, at TBM Group we have decided to move our 2nd Annual Global Innovative Catalysis Development Forum to the virtual world. This, both for the general safety of our attendees as well as due to the ongoing global restrictions on travel.

In these difficult times for all areas of business, such events can at least help break the isolation that the coronavirus has imposed on everyone globally, whilst at the same time broadening the possibility of online attendance to professionals from Asia, Middle East and Africa.

Whilst we hope to welcome all industry professionals to our regular ‘real world’ events in the not too distant future, until then we aim to provide platforms for business learning, information-sharing, debate and networking in a virtual setting.

TBM Group will continue to monitor the situation extremely closely and will of course reintroduce ‘real world’ forums when the situation is deemed safe for all our speakers, delegates and sponsors.


Catalysis plays a pivotal role in current chemical and energy production. More than 85% of all today’s chemical products are produced using catalytic processes.

Nowadays we are facing dramatic problems at a global level – climate change, resource depletion, pollution, erosion of our planet. The matter is very urgent – and solutions need to be found fast. Sustainability is without a doubt a key challenge, when it comes to catalysis development. Traditional raw materials have to be substituted with more sustainable resources, new cleaner and intensified processes have to be developed, and new production concepts should be implemented to double efficiency.

Companies are investing heavily into the research and new developments. The forum will provide a floor for discussions of where the companies are standing with sustainability measurement, how else catalysts can improve energy efficiency and reduce negative footprints. How are the catalytic developments perceived in terms of fossil-free future? How it will look like when there is no access to raw materials, and how it would affect the catalysts we use?

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