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2nd Annual Intelligent
Automation for Corporate
Finance Functions

When it will happen
10-11 JUNE 2021
Where it will happen
Online Interactive Conference
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About the Conference

The finance, tax and accounting functions are due to undergo a technological revolution. The implementation of intelligent automation will transform and drive innovation across all areas of these fundamental functions and has the possibility to create huge commercial benefit for organizations that can harness their power. Whilst there are some automation technologies running, companies are now looking to the next stage in automation which will involve use of intelligent processes and bots that can begin to carry out more complex tasks and lean how to adapt to new directives. This will in turn leave the human work force with extra time and resources to work on more high value tasks and create huge costs savings and efficiencies across the enterprise.

Whilst such automation projects have the potential for huge returns, they are still exceedingly expensive and complex to implement with a recent E&Y report stating that 30-50% of initial RPA projects fail. It is therefore with this understanding that we bring you industry leaders from key global institutions for two days of discussion and networking on the challenges encountered within automation projects and also to learn lessons from the success stories.

Over the two days you will have the opportunity to discuss a broad range of current topics critical to intelligent automation, such as:

  • What, where, when, why & how to automate
  • Opportunities & challenges for automation during Covid-19
  • Lessons on the impact of intelligent automation for the structure of the finance function
  • Excellence in RPA & AI-driven contractual processing
  • Gaining senior stakeholder buy-in and providing ROI
  • Developing the governance structure for an automated future
  • Challenges & opportunities when implementing intelligent automation into Shared Service Centers
  • Mastering intelligent automation tools to sharpen billing models and processes
  • How intelligent automation can help extract the full potential from your data
  • Integrating automation and human intelligence for optimum results
  • How far are we along the path to a fully automated AI process?
  • Leveraging the benefits of advanced technologies for the finance function: Lessons from other departments

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