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2nd Annual Operational Risk Management & Resilience for
Financial Institutions

When it will happen
17-18 JUNE 2021
Where it will happen
Online Interactive Conference
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About the Conference

Operational risk has always been a challenge – the whole Covid 19 pandemic just added to the already increasing diversity of risks such as cyber risk and conduct risk, combined with further regulatory changes, such as the SMA and Mifid II, which have resulted in a difficult environment with many institutions facing multiple fines from operational failures.

This conference will enable institutions to understand the latest challenges and best practices to manage the diverse area of operational risk. They will learn the latest threats in cyber risk and benchmark their strategies to best tackle and remain resilient to cyber-attacks. Covid 19 health and safety risks along with the threats posed by greater home-working will also be under scrutiny. They will hear about the current thoughts and the developments with the SMA and how to prepare to incorporate this. In addition, they will understand the concept of conduct risk, and how to best manage this to reduce reputational damage and prevent further regulatory fines. Finally, they will hear about the current risk environment and how to best manage operational risk environment to reduce costs and bring value to the business. High-level customer experience professionals from all over Europe will gather and exchange their views on the following crucial topics:

  • Global overview of the future of operational risk: How to prepare?
  • Successfully converging cyber security and operational risk management
  • Opportunity to learn about the sponsor solutions and interactive networking session
  • Priorities for the future: Operational Risk in the Post- COVID 19 world
  • Effectively managing risks linked to outsourcing
  • Successfully managing the risks to workers and the public during a pandemic
  • Exploring the uses of AI and machine learning technology in operational risk
  • Successfully dealing with data breaches: Risk Factors and Prevention Measures
  • Facing the key cyber risks for financial institutions during COVID-19
  • Successfully implementing a risk culture to drive a positive conduct agenda
  • Achieving a holistic view of risk in times of crisis
  • OpRisk Management in the light of increasing regulation

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