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2nd Annual Predictive Business Analytics, Forecasting & Planning for Dynamic & Flexible Pricing

When it will happen
13-14 JUNE 2020
Where it will happen
Amsterdam, Netherlands
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About the Conference

Most industries face the digital revolution. And it’s not only an IT challenge, it’s very much a pricing and monetization challenge.  How should you adapt your pricing and revenue model given digital trends?  How to adapt pricing to the changing customer journey?   How to deal with the multi-channel challenges and become more agile in pricing?  What opportunity is there from the newest pricing technologies as machine learning, artificial intelligence or large data – and how do we really implement them in practice? And from whom can we learn?

With expansive global competition and today’s consumers readily disrupting traditional pricing and revenue management methods, it is vital for pricing strategists to understand how to leverage and implement new customer-centric pricing and revenue optimisation options to retain market share and remain profitable.

How can pricing and commercial leaders navigate changing perceptions of value, evolving consumption patterns and at the same time, meet the demands for an omni-channel business environment?

This event will bring together professionals from across Europe, Russia/CIS and the Middle East for a crucial two days for all those involved in ensuring their Dynamic Pricing actions is keeping pace with the vast cost and operational efficiencies provided by the increasingly important roles of Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and other disruptive technologies in these fast-evolving times.

Topics covered include:

  • Dynamic pricing and the company strategy
  • Data collecting and processing
  • Learning from advanced dynamic pricing industries
  • The importance of Dynamic pricing across channels
  • Evolving pricing models and related drivers
  • Overcoming the challenges of Dynamic Pricing
  • Setting up an accurate price forecasting framework
  • Best practice of Dynamic Pricing within the FMCG sector
  • The importance of the human factor
  • The role of customization
  • Dynamic pricing and telematics
  • The effects of Dynamic Pricing in the financial sector
  • A focus on how to get full customer buy-in for your dynamic pricing implementation
  • Dynamic Pricing and Tender management
  • Exploring the potentials and limits of Dynamic Pricing
  • Pricing to win strategies

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