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2nd Annual UX Innovation &
Cabin Design for NRMM

When it will happen
19-20 SEPTEMBER 2019
Where it will happen
Bonn, Germany
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About the Conference

After the success of our pilot event in the UX for NRMM series forums, TBM continues to tailor its focus on the prominent areas of challenge and opportunity for our partners in the non-road sector. User experience design methods in the machinery sector increases its focus on human-centric design, while at the same time, shifting towards the reality of autonomous machinery. The sector is shaping in middle ground at the moment, and major OEMs are deciding the speed of commercially available highly automated/ driver assisted/ remote-controlled & autonomous machinery. As much as this is needed, and wanted, by much of their consumer base, there are still many end-customers who are either not ready or unwilling to take on more advanced machines. As long as the human operator is still in the machine, how are design principles changing? How is the balance being defined? This shift is affecting machinery manufacturers, cabin manufacturers, materials & components, and especially the end-customers, whose major concerns on health & safety, and ROI continue to rise.

Topics to be included:

  • On-site interviews with heavy equipment users (farming & construction)
  • The evolution of human-centric design
  • Innovation Strategy
  • Leveraging operator engagement in highly-automated machinery
  • Materials Contamination Control
  • Human factors challenges in autonomous machines
  • Design principles under 4IR

Join us to hear insights, share feedback, and further develop your design engineering & UX expertise in heavy mobile equipment with companies from all over the world. You may find your next innovative partner in this room!

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