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3RD Annual Global Industrial Inspections and Corrosion Management

When it will happen
04-05 JUNE 2020
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Online Interactive Conference
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About the Conference

As a result of the unfolding worldwide Coronavirus pandemic, at TBM Group we have decided to move the 3rd Annual Global Industrial Inspections and Corrosion Management conference to the virtual world. This, both for the general safety of our attendees as well as the ongoing global restrictions on travel.

In these difficult times for all areas of business, such events can at least help break the isolation that the coronavirus has imposed on everyone globally, whilst at the same time broadening the possibility of online attendance to professionals from Asia, Middle East and Africa.

Whilst we hope to welcome all industry professionals to our regular ‘real world’ events in the not too distant future, until then we aim to provide platforms for business learning, information-sharing, debate and networking in a virtual setting.

TBM Group will continue to monitor the situation extremely closely and will of course reintroduce ‘real world’ forums when the situation is deemed safe for all our speakers, delegates and sponsors.


Inspections are critical across industries to ensure optimal production, quality outcomes, safety, environmental protection, and compliance with regulations. This is especially true for asset-heavy industries such as chemical & petrochemical, oil & gas, power generation and refinery sectors.

During the last decades, major accidents in asset-heavy plants, i.e. Fukushima in Japan, lead to stricter regulations in order to ensure the highest safety standards for both workers and the environment. The immediate consequence is that the frequency of the inspections increased simultaneously with an increasing demand for new methods and technologies to implement the outcomes.

Specifically, new technologies support inspections in multiple ways. The most advanced technologies in Robotics and A.I. improved the safety of the inspections reducing the amount of the manual labour besides IoT and Digital tools helped to better collect and manage the huge amount of data that derived from the inspection practice.

This TBM Evolution’s event will enable participants to achieve insights in the execution of the Inspections and the new updates and innovations in the field, with a specific focus on corrosion management. Specifically, the equipment of thermal power plants, refineries, chemical &petrochemical plants around the world operate at high temperature, leading to different degradation mechanisms, and the rate of accumulation of this damage is not that easy to predict.

Participants will learn about the best practices from the leading operators and contractors that have experience in industrial inspections and get the full picture of state-of-the-art techniques for corrosion management in high hazardous industries.

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