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3rd Annual Process Improvement and Operational Excellence Forum for Power & Utilities

When it will happen
17-18 JUNE 2019
Where it will happen
Barcelona, Spain
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About the Conference

Once upon a time, the utility industry was a relatively simple place to be. It was all about the safe and consistent generation and distribution of energy with good capacity planning, minimal outages and happy customers.

Then it all changed. Climate change happened. Infrastructure got older. Governments and industry bodies got busy with new legislation and regulation. Utility companies were faced with new energy sources, new generation methods and new competitors. And, everything got smarter: smart cities, smart grids, smart meters and even smarter customers…”
–“What’s Holding Back Operational Excellence In The Utility Sector?” Martin Richards

For years now, the Power &Utilities sector has been facing major challenges. The threat of new competition (entry of new players in the market), rising customer expectations, expanding markets, lower demand, and emergence of Distributed Energy Resources are putting pressure on costs and the ability to realize an adequate rate of return. These, in addition to increasing government regulation and an upcoming wave of retirements (aging workforce), are putting energy companies under strong pressure.

While some of these challenges are not directly within the control of companies’ management (low demand, commodity prices, etc), many are. In current economic and financial context, in order to remain competitive and deliver financial results to shareholders, utilities are increasingly turning to Operational Excellence Programs as a solution. OE strategies provide the companies with the capabilities to meet these challenges.

This TBM Evolution event will enable participants to achieve insights on how to measure your baseline, how to think about operational excellence, agile, digital transformation, how to get a longer term strategy implemented and committed to in a short-sighted business, what to pick from the theory or your OE toolbox and how to make sure you are meeting the organization’s needs and staying business relevant.

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