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3rd Excellence in Enterprise Architecture

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09-10 SEPTEMBER 2021
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Online Interactive Conference
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About the Conference

How is Enterprise Architecture driving real change in your organization?

This the key questions that all architects must as themselves in their work as they look accelerate transformation processes and provide real value to the business. The role of enterprise architecture is changing in all organizations and with this state of flux come a real opportunity for enterprise architecture to prove its worth and earn its seat at the table.

To provide insight on how you can achieve real value creation within your own organization TBM Group will bring together industry experts from some of the world’s largest organizations to provide case studies on how change can be achieved and the strategies, roadmaps, architectures and technologies that you can use to reach your business objectives.

So do join us in September on our TBM Direct conference platform for two days of presentations, networking and in-depth discussion on the following key topics:

  • Creating value in your digital transformation with enterprise architecture
  • The vital importance of putting the customer at the heart of your transformation
  • How to successfully implementing an agile multi-value stream organization
  • Achieving clarity in your data architecture
  • Learning from COVID-19: Hasty architecture and dramatic customer changes, but what will stay and what will go?
  • Tackling complexity and streamlining product development with enterprise architecture
  • Using enterprise architecture as a framework to implement advanced technologies and analytics
  • API management in a complex IT landscape
  • The importance of EA’s relationship with DevOps & Engineering
  • Developing governance structures for emerging tools & technologies

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