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4th Annual Electrification & Battery Development for Non-Road Applications

When it will happen
18-19 JANUARY 2021
Where it will happen
Online Interactive Conference
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About the Conference

NRMM electrification continues to expand in vehicular applications. Each year new successful powertrain electrification strategies are introduced. However, there is still a great number of essential challenges to overcome for long-term commercial success. The topic of electrification and hybridisation of Non-Road Mobile Machinery has only grown in importance since we hosted the first-ever conference specifically dedicated to the topic, and we continue to be committed to offering forums that discuss current and upcoming challenges for the industries we service. Therefore, TBM is proud to present the fourth annual Electrification and Battery Development for Non-Road Applications conference which aims to present effective solutions for the main challenges that the industry is currently facing.

The event will cover such essential topics as designing and implementing innovative strategies for electrification, properly educating your customer on electrification, effectively employing battery technology, and much more. The conference will host different industry that will provide the audience with a detailed insight of innovative contents and valuable case studies. The participants at the event will be able to gain a great number of perspectives on sustainable and efficient batteries and vehicles while drawing lessons from new solutions that can speed up and simplify the transition to a cleaner future.

This event will feature:

  • Advancing the global energy transition process: a focus on the latest trends in electrification
  • Successfully introducing innovative electrified and hybrid solutions to the customer
  • Employing emerging and present-day battery technology: How do we handle it?
  • Effectively minimizing electrification costs
  • Successfully introducing innovative electrified and hybrid solutions to the customer

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