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4thAnnual Industrial Inspections and Corrosion Management Forum

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21-22 JUNE 2021
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Online Interactive Conference
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About the Conference

This forum has the purpose to illustrate the ins and outs of current challenges and developments in the inspection services in the asset-heavy industries such as Oil & Gas, Chemical & Petrochemical, and Power Generation. We are focusing on a selected number of industries that share many of the same problems, namely corrosion, ageing equipment, high costs of replacement, and the need to produce more efficiently while being increasingly concerned with issues of safety and reliability. The equipment of thermal power plants, refineries, chemical & petrochemical plants around the world operate at high temperature, leading to different degradation mechanisms, and the rate of accumulation of this damage is not that easy to predict.

The event creates a platform for operators and contractor companies to come together and share their experiences, challenges and solutions to inspecting and monitoring the conditions of the assets.

Over the two days you will have the opportunity to discuss a broad range of current topics crucial for industrial inspections and corrosion management:

  • Best-practice in corrosion management
  • A scrutiny of NDT examination methods
  • Exploring remote inspections and the future of condition assessment management
  • Exploring the implementation of AI and machine learning
  • A focus on ageing assets inspection
  • Identifying the key aspects for asset integrity management
  • A focus on corrosion management for pipelines
  • Determining the best management strategies for different types of corrosion – When does RBI fail us?
  • Innovative strategies for inspections and corrosion management for offshore assets

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