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4th Annual Predictive Business Analytics, Forecasting & Planning for Supply Chain Optimization

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10-11 SEPTEMBER 2020
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Online Interactive Conference
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About the Conference

The effects of the Covid-19 outbreak have been felt on a global scale.  All areas of life have changed dramatically, and in business, it is the vast network of global supply chains that are being truly tested. Covid-19 has torn apart what we took for granted and created a ‘new normal’ in which supply chain executives must now rapidly adapt to secure continued supply and look to understand what the future will hold.

The digital transformation process has been accelerated as companies look to harness the power of advanced analytics, innovative technologies and detailed forecasting to give them the competitive edge and develop effective strategies for during and after the outbreak. The lessons learned from this crisis will draw a line between those companies that succeed in the future, and those that are left behind.

That is why TBM Group brings you our 3rd Annual Supply Chain event to look at the current challenges, the solutions and the lessons that must be learn in the aftermath of the crisis. Therefore, join us for two days of in-depth discussion and case studies from leading global organizations to gain an insight into their reactions to the crisis, and what the future holds for global supply chains.


Topics included cover:

  • Challenges currently faced during the Coronavirus outbreak
  • The lessons learned from the Coronavirus
  • Preparing for the next ‘mega-disruption’
  • Understanding and managing the fast-developing global crisis
  • Effective identification, management and mitigation of risk
  • Agile supply chains and their importance in crisis response
  • Forecasting and planning during a global disaster
  • Lessons on ensuring continued supply during the crisis and in its aftermath
  • Overcoming market and economic challenges
  • Data centric strategies for effective decision-making
  • Supplier management in a global crisis

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