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5th Annual Innovative All-Season & Winter Tire Development Forum

When it will happen
04-05 MARCH 2021
Where it will happen
Online Interactive Conference
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About the Conference

In the huge world of tire development and manufacturing, Winter and All-Season Tires are gaining more and more importance because of the advantages and benefits they bring as well as due to the related legislation being implemented throughout the world. The development of Winter and All-Season Tires is very rapid and full of technological innovations aimed at creating the perfect compromise between low rolling resistance, good mileage and safety. At the same time, the tire industry is currently facing challenges and issues that deserves to be further discussed. This much-anticipated, annual tire development event brings together the leaders of the tire industry and other high level stakeholders to discuss the latest challenges and developments, including Material and Design advancements, Labelling regulations, OEM requirements, Technological improvements and additional challenges reflected in the agenda. The event represents a professional platform where senior-level representatives from the tire and vehicle manufacturing companies as well as research institutes and universities come to network and exchange experiences.

This event will feature:

  • Perspectives, innovations and outlooks from tire manufacturers
  • A look on winter and all-season tire market developments
  • Recent challenges in rubber supply
  • Technologies and solutions for the whole lifecycle of Winter and All-Season Tires
  • Tires and digitalization: the power of data for the tire of the future

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