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5th Annual Master Data
Excellence in Life Sciences

When it will happen
12-13 SEPTEMBER 2019
Where it will happen
Berlin, Germany
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About the Conference

Reliable, complete master data is crucial for life sciences companies as they receive it from a multitude of sources, across many lines of business.

Master Data Management has been recognized as a crucial function in life sciences Information Management; pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical devices companies are making major investments in their MDM solutions to improve productivity and data quality. However, with mandates to minimize costs while improving safety levels and the quality of their R&D findings, life science organizations are feeling the pinch. As information and data from a multitude of sources flows into and out of the Enterprise, sustaining a single version of truth assumes the utmost importance.

Master data management (MDM) helps organizations to manage this single version of truth and enables many business goals and objectives. However, as simple as it may sound, implementing and executing MDM comes with a unique set of typical challenges, such as the need for skilled data personnel for master data maintenance activities, reduced work time in various business operations, expensive training on individual enterprise applications, retention of trained analysts, and maintaining a steady state quality and data duplication across applications in the absence of a centralized integrated system, to name a few.

Now in its 5th year, the Master Data Excellence Forum for Life Sciences is the only global event focusing on the master data opportunities and challenges affecting the Life Sciences sector- pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical devices companies. The event brings together a great mix of IT and business owners, Enterprise Information architects, heads of master data projects, regulatory IT, MDM vendors and the key decision makers to explore the current RIM ecosystem in Europe, and addresses the impact that MDM will have on European society. The event is the most comprehensive conference covering strategies on process improvements for how master data is acquired validated and integrated throughout the entire organization. We offer the only platform where life sciences data professionals can exchange their experience, network and benchmark their MDM strategies.

Topics covered in 2019 include:

  • Digitization of Master Data Processes
  • How an effective MDM strategy helps to address regulatory challenges
  • Successfully implementing Master Data Management in a complex supply chain
  • GDPR: a reality-check one year after it came into force
  • Promoting a change management process to support MDM strategy
  • Addressing MDM challenges for serialisation
  • Opportunities in implementing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions for MDM
  • Succeeding in Master Data Management in the digital transformation context
  • Exploring the implications of IDMP implementation on data management
  • Generating ROI through an effective MDM strategy
  • Understanding the role of Data Governance in life sciences companies
  • Master data management as a tool for research and development
  • Semantics and Ontologies: unlocking the complexity of data based on FAIR principles
  • Implementing an MDM strategy as a way for reducing costs

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