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6th Annual Decommissioning & Demolition Forum for High Hazard Process Plants: Fossil-Fuel Powers Plants, Chemical/ Petrochemicals and Refineries

When it will happen
05-06 MARCH 2020
Where it will happen
Barcelona, Spain
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About the Conference

Within EU market there are many power generation, chemical and refinery companies are focusing on decommissioning and demolition process rapidly over the last decade due to accelerating pressure of the Paris Agreement. Also, due to the clear struggling to compete with cheaper energy sources such as renewables (wind, solar, shale gas, etc.) and to the accelerated closure of high hazard process plants in the EU market, this event will serve as a business networking, experience-exchange and finding right contractors platform.

According to a new European Environment Agency (EEA) report, decommissioning fossil fuel power plants between now and 2030 is essential, especially if EU wants to hit its 2050 targets set by the Paris Agreement. Our 6th Annual decommissioning and demolition event will help power generation, chemical/petrochemical and refinery companies to get a clear picture of the next steps towards repurposing/redevelopment, Scrap opportunities, battling pollution and environmental concerns, asbestos removal and etc.

During this event professionals and experts from the industry will be able to discuss various cost-saving and effective strategies for decommissioning, demolition, repurposing, redevelopment and remediation processes.

This TBM Evolution event will enable participants to achieve effective insights in planning, preparation and execution of decommissioning and demolition projects. Participants will lean abbot the best practices from the leading operators and contractors that have a significant experience in heavy industrial demolition and get the full picture about state-of-the-art techniques for the upcoming projects.

Key topics:

  • Establishing effective pre-project planning of decommissioning and demolition
  • Accelerating the transition to renewables and natural gas. Are you ready for that?
  • Understanding the financial challenges faced on end-to-life assets after decommissioning
  • Addressing key environmental issues associated with decommissioning
  • Look in the future: discovering new decommissioning benchmarks from the power plant life cycle management
  • Efficiency through a common language of procurement
  • Moving towards digital demolition era

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Barcelona, Spain