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6th Annual Master Data
Excellence in Life Sciences

When it will happen
17-18 SEPTEMBER 2020
Where it will happen
Online Interactive Conference
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About the Conference

Master Data Management plays an increasingly vital role within the life sciences industry, as organizations are under increasing pressure to deliver more consistent data with integrity that lives up to increasingly stringent standards. Regulations such as IDMP, Eudamed and GDPR must be met, whilst also ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements across the globe.

TBM Evolution Group brings you a unique opportunity to hear from leading experts in Master Data Management from across the life sciences industry to help you address these challenges, whilst sharing their expertise in building a strong, foundational Master Data Management strategy that will ensure ongoing data quality maintenance and drive operational efficiencies in your organization for years to come.

The broad range of topics covered includes:


  • Preparing for upcoming ISO IDMP implementation: Ensuring you are equipped to deal with the new initiatives
  • Implementing AI technology in enhancing master data processes
  • Increasing the reach of Master Data and therefore increasing its value
  • Vital role of MDM Architecture Assessments in organizations
  • Implementing a master data management system to address global regulatory requirements
  • Establishing a successful Master Data strategy and avoiding the common pitfalls
  • Digital Health and COVID-19: Big Data Opportunities and Challenges
  • Optimizing your product master data management
  • Addressing the master data challenges of compliance to global regulatory requirements – Use Case: Indication Terminology Mappings
  • Demonstrating the value of master data management: Linking master data management and data governance
  • Reaching a consensus on master data content
  • Master data lineage in R&D from source systems to downstream consumption
  • An Introduction to Eudamed: Overcoming the challenges of complying to the upcoming European medical device regulations
  • A focus on data governance as a fundamental component of master data management
  • Maximizing enterprise-wide master data management through employing ontology  and semantic technologies

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