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7th Annual Master Data Excellence in Life Sciences

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02-03 SEPTEMBER 2021
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Online Interactive Conference
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About the Conference

Master Data Management is essential to the Life Sciences. Given the exponential growth in the amount of data handled by life science organizations they must have a clear master data strategy in place to allow them to not only meet essential regulatory requirements, but also to gain maximum value from their data by driving improvements in the likes of customer management, R&D and supply chain.

Therefore TBM Evolution Group brings you a unique opportunity to hear from leading experts in Master Data Management from across the life sciences to help you address your own challenges, with our speakers sharing their expertise in building a strong, foundational Master Data Management strategy that will ensure ongoing data quality maintenance and drive operational efficiencies in your organization for years to come.

So do join us to hear our industry experts speak on the following key topics:

  • Practical lesson for IDMP industry compliance
  • Driving digital transformation and creating business value with MDM
  • Successfully implementing cloud based MDM for faster & cheaper real time data deliver
  • The theoretical value of MDM is clear, but how do we drive real world results?
  • Developing MDM processes for success in a global regulatory environment
  • Lessons on developing ‘MDM as a service’
  • Master data as the fuel for Data- science and analytics
  • Automating your MDM processes to cut costs and improve quality
  • Lessons on how to standardize data in a fast moving global environment
  • Connecting the dots in R&D with clear and readily available Master Data

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