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Contract Risk Management
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17-18 SEPTEMBER 2020
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About the Conference

The devastation caused by Covid 19 on commercial contracts across the world in every industry sector. How do we manage this devastation? How do we assess the risks, liabilities and losses? How do we manage the ongoing situation and which might reoccur in waves going forward? How do we devise and manage future contracts?

Effective contractual risk management is fundamental to efficient business management. Contracts often involve very big dollars and very big risks. Risks vary from regulatory, operational, financial, reputational, non-compliance and change among many others.

Organisations with capable people and robust processes can gain competitive advantage through savings, value improvement, full value extraction and flexibility in contract delivery.

TBM Evolution Group brings you a unique opportunity to exchange ideas and perspectives with Contract Risk Management experts from different industries to discuss a broad range of current topics, such as:

  • An overview of the legal devastation caused by Covid 19
  • An in-depth examination of the implications of Force Majeure in relation to Covid 19
  • A focus on the journey from paper to digital contracts: The perspective from Novartis
  • Comprehensive contract risk assessment and liability identification and management
  • How we can learn from losses, small and large
  • Best-practice in comprehensive contract renegotiation in a business environment full of uncertainty
  • An examination of the advantages afforded by Artificial Intelligence & developing technology for contract risk management in challenging times
  • Mitigating and managing the complex legal risks of cyber security and data governance
  • Lessons from the complex and high-profile legal issues created by Covid 19 impacting the sports and entertainment industries
  • Managing vendor risk as a part of your business continuity function – Challenges overcome during the Coronavirus crisis
  • Case study: Pandemic-hit LNG supply contracts – rights, remedies and price re-openers
  • Preparing for and managing Coronavirus-based litigation
  • Managing contract risk in the shadow of probable future waves of Covid 19

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