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Excellence in Cleanroom Management, Operations, Quality Assurance & Control

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07-08 APRIL 2021
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Online Interactive Conference
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About the Conference

TBM organises a well-established and profitable event focusing on Cleanroom Design & Engineering. Based on the knowledge and expertise we have, we have decided to create this event focused on the operations, maintenance, and management of these specialised environments.

Due to the rapid increase of international regulations, the need for proper maintenance of cleanroom environments can hardly be overestimated. Due to the fact that cleanrooms aim to control and minimize contamination, not implementing a regular maintenance strategy can negatively affect the functionality of the room over a period of time. For this reason, cleanroom operations should be executed by following numerous complex procedures and under careful specialist management. Namely, the proper and regular maintenance of pharmaceutical cleanroom helps to ensure cleanroom compliance.

The Excellence in Cleanroom Management, Operations and Maintenance will bring together senior level participants that will aim to present effective strategies on management and monitoring of clean environment and discuss on recent innovations that were introduced within cleanroom operations. This forum is a great opportunity for the participants to learn more about how to master the quality control process, effectively manage risks, and increase efficiency via high quality and systematic operator training.


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