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Excellence in Wind Turbine
Life-Cycle Management

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14-15 JUNE 2021
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Online Interactive Conference
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About the Conference

The massive rise in wind turbine installations has been accompanied by significant shifts upwards in nameplate capacity, tower heights, rotor-blade length, and operating reliability. The turbines now increasingly attracting the attention of O&M technicians are bigger, heavier, taller, and much more complex than their predecessors. At the same time, up to 20,000 turbines around the world annually will be entering the second half of their 20-year design life, already having long since fallen out of standard manufacturer warranties. The O&M sector’s challenges will grow alongside the expansion in the number of turbines it services, and their technical demands.

Recent research shows that operation and maintenance (O&M) accounts for around 20-35 percent of the total energy costs in this sector. The forum will provide a unique opportunity to learn about best practices in O&M decision-making for both onshore and offshore assets. This event will examine the full turbine life-cycle, from the moment of its installation to eventual decommissioning, and provide one of a kind insights into cost reduction for wind turbine operators.

Over the two days you will have the opportunity to discuss a broad range of current topics crucial for wind turbine life-cycle management:

  • Challenges in O&M decision making
  • Best practice & technical innovations in wind power operations and maintenance
  • What is the best option: Lifetime Extension, Repowering or Dismantling?
  • An in-depth scrutiny of regulatory frameworks for end-of-life management
  • Best-practice in onshore wind turbine predictive maintenance
  • Exploring end-of-life scenarios for wind blades
  • A focus on onshore O&M
  • Atlantis: Shaping the future of robotized O&M in Offshore Wind

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