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Fraud and Financial Crime
Management via Artificial

When it will happen
12-13 SEPTEMBER 2019
Where it will happen
Frankfurt, Germany
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About the Conference

Globally, financial institutions have built large and complex business operations to comply with regulatory demands  addressing fraud, money laundering and other financial crime as a result of rapidly developing technologies and innovation in financial crime and fraud.

Major banks are currently examining the potential of AI to combat financial crime and all bank globally are “testing the water” in terms of Artificial Intelligence for detection of hidden patterns and overall financial crime management.

This global event will serve as a business networking platform for financial institutions to implement Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning technologies for detecting and managing financial crime whilst ensuring thorough compliance to developing national and international regulatory requirements impacting financial crime management and mitigation.

With the input of industry professionals and experienced speakers, our forum will give you the opportunity to focus on the following critically important topics:

  • Maximizing internal fraud prevention and mitigating potential risks
  • Battling challenges of online fraud (mobile, web, apps and etc.)
  • Improving operational efficiency and results in financial crime prevention though Machine Learning
  • Exploring partnership strategies in order to battle AML threats
  • How do you prepare for an increase in the intensity and speed of cyber-crime?
  • Revolutionizing the banking sector though AI and ML
  • Best practice data management strategies for effectively combatting financial crime
  • Overcoming the challenges of mitigating financial crime across borders and cultures
  • Discovering the most effective ways of user authentication and identity

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