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Global Forum Power & Utilities 4.0: Operational Efficiency through AI Implementation

When it will happen
15-16 JUNE 2020
Where it will happen
Online Interactive Conference
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About the Conference

As a result of the unfolding worldwide Coronavirus pandemic, at TBM Group we have decided to move the Global Forum Power & Utilities 4.0: Operational Efficiency through AI Implementation conference to the virtual world. This, both for the general safety of our attendees as well as the ongoing global restrictions on travel.

In these difficult times for all areas of business, such events can at least help break the isolation that the coronavirus has imposed on everyone globally, whilst at the same time broadening the possibility of online attendance to professionals from Asia, Middle East and Africa.

Whilst we hope to welcome all industry professionals to our regular ‘real world’ events in the not too distant future, until then we aim to provide platforms for business learning, information-sharing, debate and networking in a virtual setting.

TBM Group will continue to monitor the situation extremely closely and will of course reintroduce ‘real world’ forums when the situation is deemed safe for all our speakers, delegates and sponsors.


Power & Utilities 4:0: Operational Efficiency through AI Implementation Event is the conference on actual implementation AI into the operational routine of power & utilities companies in Europe.

What is the Future of AI in Energy Sector?
There are many examples of the use of AI impacting energy such as:  short-term load forecasting, predictive maintenance to replace aging resources, the use of virtual assistants to enhance customer experience, managing Big Data through AI tools, shifting from IoT Cloud to Edge computing, and real examples of where can the UIoT (Utility Internet of Things) can be applied in the power sector.

Of course, these AI tools and digital apps are not without risks (such as data privacy or becoming dependent on the internet-connected devices), but with computing power and data availability, there are potentially other areas where AI can benefit in this particular industry.

We are approaching the topic from implementation and technical perspectives: addressing the automation, real case studies of AI tools, unlocking human potential with AI, and digital transition to renewable energy. The focus of all in-depth presentations stays on the implementation of AI to boost operational excellence. Participants will be leaving with clear, practical ideas about how to implement AI and be cautious of cyber-attacks.

We are offering a highly interactive forum with the senior level participants from the major European power generation companies, transmission operators, and network operators, where all questions will be answered during the open discussions by professionals from the industry. It is a great opportunity for the participants to hear how their peers are implementing AI into the operational cycles.



  • Moving towards AI-powered energy forecasting strategies
  • Renewable era: easing the transition to renewable energy via Artificial Intelligence
  • Unlocking human potential with AI: less manual and routine tasks
  • Managing Big Data through AI Platforms
  • Edge-computing for Utilities: shifting from IoT Cloud to Edge Computing
  • Should we believe in Smart City initiatives?
  • Using digital DNA as a catalyst for digital transformation
  • How power & utilities can use AI to improve customer experience

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