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16-17 SEPTEMBER 2021
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Online Interactive Conference
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About the Conference

According to a UN report, the world generated 48.5 million tons of electronic waste in 2018. This figure highlights the growing importance of recycling, which also throws up some worrying statistics: a mere 20% of this waste is recycled. If we carry on like this, the UN estimates that we could reach 120 million tons of electronic scrap by 2050. Among the most common substances found in these discarded items are cadmium, lead, lead oxide, antimony, nickel and mercury. These toxic elements pollute rivers, lakes and seas, and release gases into the atmosphere that upset ecosystems.

Mobile phones, tablets, laptops, fridges, cars: the proliferation of digital devices is becoming a problem for the planet because once they come to the end of their useful lives — every year almost 50 million tons of technological scrap is generated — their recycle rate is poor. Improving it is vital to slowing climate change and avoiding harm to the environment.

TBM Evolution Group brings you a unique opportunity to exchange ideas and perspectives at this unique event. Over the two days you will have the opportunity to discuss a broad range of current topics crucial for electronics recycling:

  • Examining the position and role of e-waste in today’s circular economy
  • EU’s Digital Product Passport – what information requirements can be expected?
  • A scrutiny of global e-waste collection networks
  • How can electronic manufacturers be more sustainable?
  • Practical circular design measurement and integration in the product design process
  • Examining the challenges and opportunities for the circular economy

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